Friday, September 4, 2009

Location of PCPI headquarters

As of now, PCPI has two headquarters that act to serve all of North America. The central headquarters is located in Provo, Utah. The second extension of PCPI is located in Seattle/Bellingham, Washington.

To contact PCPI for investigations or help email us at:


We are currently doing some website work, and hope to have everything up and running by the end of September. Keep checking in for the latest on what we have completed.

PCPI returns from Alaska & the Yukon!

For the past four months, PCPI has been exploring and investigating Alaska and Canada's most haunted locations. First Nation (Native North American) and Klondike Gold Rush history played a key role in creating a foundation for civilization to exist in the North. With so much drama in the lives of those that existed through these eras, hauntings persist everywhere. For the latest on investigation analysis and evidence check out